Introducing the LassoTag Beacon. Tie It To Ya!

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

…my camera bag called my phone?

…my backpack let me know it was stolen?

…my iPad showed me where it was?

…my luggage let me know it was on board?

…and of course, my car keys lost a game of hide and seek?

LassoTag Beacon and the LassoTag iOS Application makes your personal belongings smarter!! Through BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) the LassoTag allows you to track what matters most easily, securely, and affordably. Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Just LassoTag it and know it’s lost before it’s lost

Utilizing the latest technology the LassoTag connects with the LassoTag iPhone App to wirelessly tether anything valuable from your backpack to your car keys. LassoTag allows you to easily keep track of your valuables.

LassoTag secure tag and track mobileAppbluetoothLassoTag works with Apple Watch

iPhone App

Use your phone as your tracking base

The app creates a wireless lasso around your tagged items — up to 6 at once — so you never have to worry about losing your essentials again. When an item goes out of range, your iPhone notifies you with custom alerts, a phone call or a text message. Bonus-Compatible with Apple Watch.

Price: FREE
Category: iPhone App

  • Tag and track your valuables with apple watch
    Compatible with Apple Watch
  • tag and track your personal items with iphone
    Easily connect your LassoTag to the iPhone App
  • keep your personal items secure with iphone and ibeacon
    Receive an alert when your valuables stray off the range
  • locate your valuables and track them with iphone
    Track your last location on the map
mobileAppbluetoothibeacon and bluetooth technology for securing your personal items



Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 LTE technology, the LassoTag Beacons connect with the LassoTag App to wirelessly tethering anything from your laptop bag to car keys. About the size of a quarter and easy to attach, the LassoTag Beacons keep your valuables in your hands only.

Weight: .05oz
Range: 50 ft
Battery Life: 3 Months on replaceable watch battery
iBeacon Certified: Apple iBeacon Certified
Most unique feature: Temperature Readings
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  • LassoTag tagg and track valuables for security
    The LassoTag is about the size of a quarter
  • Keep track of the temperature with LassoTag and iphone
    Know the temperature of your valuables
  • find your keys with lasso tag using your iphone or apple watch
    It can even help you find your keys!

So Many


We have more ways of connecting and securing your devices than any other brand

With LassoTag you can monitor up to 6 things at once! That means that through your smartphone you can track anything you can hook a LassoTag Beacon onto (keys, backpacks with your iPad or iPod, camera, gym bag, purse, luggage — the possibilities are endless). With tons of the most demanded features, LassoTag offers you a truly secure and customizable experience.

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All the Best Features

“Lots of features — for example, the app shows you the tracker’s battery life and temperature.” – David Pogue (Yahoo! Tech 12/2014)

  • Keep It Close – Detect connectivity in and out of a 50 foot radius for up to six LassoTags.
  • Get It Back – Access a historical map of your LassoTagged valuables showing their last known location.
  • Intuitive – Automatically connects your Lassotags to your iPhone.
  • Alert! Alert! – Text and phone call alerts right to your phone and Apple Watch to make sure you don’t leave valuables behind.
  • In the Cloud – View your LassoTag device history on a cloud database dashboard display.
  • Custom Tailored – Personalize your LassoTag icons with your own custom photo selections and personalize your own audio alerts and preferred ringtones.
  • Daily Reminder – Set an alarm to connect your LassoTag app to your devices daily and chose your preferred time and notification method.

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